• Education

    Supporting educational programs that teach financial literacy

    Through grants and hardworking Alliant Credit Union employee volunteers, we support a national organization dedicated to enhancing financial literacy in communities. Our assistance helps young people in our communities learn critical money management skills and how to become better off economically.

  • Service

    Promoting volunteerism and helping increase its impact

    We work with Alliant Credit Union employees to support their fundraising and volunteer initiatives.

  • Grants

    Improving lives through financial support

    We support dedicated charities with missions that align with our commitment to economic empowerment and self-sufficiency.

  • Investment

    Taking an interest in our communities’ welfares

    We invest in our communities because we know that you get back what you put in! By providing grants and supporting programs that promote financial self-sufficiency, we strengthen our communities.

Success Stories

We are very proud to support many amazing not-for-profit organizations. Many of them have done incredibly impactful work with the funding they have received. We are honored to share some of those success stories with you.